SmadAV 2021 Free Download Offline Installer

SmadAV 2021 Free Download Offline Installer is one of the best antivirus programmings for detached from the net use. You can use it paying little respect to the way that you start now have an anti-virus or web security suite presented on your Windows PC. Using it as a bit of along these lines will help you experience a far current and more secure preparation home.

Smadav Antivirus 2021 is legitimate for cleanup and watch of cutting edge cell phones, the framework and a blaze of maladies various defilements or anguishing Province. In the interim, this application is the absolute best Antivirus Indonesia occupants.

A large piece of an antivirus thing can not set together with other unfriendly to bullying because antivirus is made to safety efforts in the game plan of your PC. Emerged from this, the Antivirus Smadav is some sort of antivirus application programming made as insurance included, so it fits 100% and can work exceptionally paying little personality to the way that there truly was another anti-virus on Your PC, the structure for this condition SmadAV go about like a minute layer of resistance.

Isolating and several large AV goliaths, for instance, Avast, Bitdefender, AVG, NOD32 and also USB shield antivirus utilities, a lot of times you will find SmadAV extensively snappier, particularly in respect to USB or advantageous stockpiling media sullying removal such memory cards, distant mass memory, streak circles et cetera.

Finally, do not expect excellent class protection from this small yet talented antivirus. The makers of SmadAV have unmistakably promised it as a USB Antivirus and Additional Protection AV, mostly covering pulled back from the net antivirus broaden.

Here is SmadAV 2021 Free Download Offline Installer Esteem the full separated from the net installer autonomous setup of SmadAV 2018 with direct download join. It will be impeccable with 32 Bit and 64 Bit Windows working structure.

SmadAV 2021 Free Download Offline Installer Features


  • Best USB Antivirus – SmadAV is one of the best and most talented USB anti-viruses. It can check, see and oust contaminations from a broad grouping of USB contraptions including USB streak circle, memory cards, pen drive media, memory cell phone and that is as of late the tip of the chunk of ice.
  • Best AutoRun Antivirus – SmadAV is one of the best and most capable USB AntiVirus. It can check, see and oust contaminations from an expansive collection of USB contraptions including USB streak circle, memory cards, pen drive media, memory cell phone and that areas of late the tip of the chunk of ice.
  • Little File Size – What’s, is the smallest size you can imagine for an influencing antivirus? The extent of such AV suits is creating with each new shape redesign. The latest types of all AV programming have crossed 100MB, which is the level of download report. These get-togethers eat up a large space after the present. Some days back, when I attempted to demonstrate Avast Free AntiVirus on one of my more settled PC, it asks for no under 2GB of circle space. It legitimizes seeing that I was expected to show the FREE shape, which translates the log off Anti-virus. Internet security and head interpretation will require impressively more plate space, apparently. When you download the SmadAV antivirus, it might seem like it would be an on the web/web installer of SmadAV. Regardless, look and view, it is all that unassuming restricting to disease with around 1.30MB of download record evaluate. No new online foundation required, you just downloaded the best logged off antivirus in just a couple of minutes.
  • Plate Scanner – Smadav Antivirus is the altogether brisk instrument for checking and cleaning your structure and neighborhood plates (solid circle). Its burden-free interface will allow you get to this part in a matter of seconds.
  • Structure Sensitive Areas Scan – System fragile parts have kept an eye out for need inspiration to see and execute dynamic infirmities first. It is fundamental for butchering the current harmful system stacked in memory or running in the structure relationship of Windows.
  • Registry Virus Cleaner – Registry affliction is a kind of beautiful record parcel that misleads your system organized. It can be a handy yet risky mechanical social gathering for programming masters to get over your whole structure without being viewed. Regardless, this confounding negligible underground startling minimal creature contamination remembers them positively and squashes that accursed at the spot.
  • One-Virus By-User – Smart and full yield choices allow you to either play out a speedier or complete structure check-up for risks. Quick return just compasses the most basic structure zones and Windows record system, while Full yield checks your structure totally for most public affirmation.
  • After-Scan Reposts – If you are a kind of geek individual or generally curious about what actually happened in the midst of scan and cleanup part, SmadAV won’t bewilder you. A quick report is passed on which contains the system log for your information.
  • One-Virus By-User – If you find a disorder that was not perceived by Smad-AV yet rather you are sure or suspect that account, send it to Smad-Antivirus bunch by using the One-Virus by-User decision in the Tools area.
  • Get ready Manager – Manage your structure shapes with Process Manager. In spite of the way this is as yet a focal part with simply essential options, it can be a useful little gadget in case you need to use it.
  • Framework Editor – Modify different system practices and settle the Windows general bubbles found in Start Menu, Window Explorer and other structural applications with just a single tick. It will apply the developments and Restart Explorer.exe of Windows.
  • Win-Force – This methodology of contraptions comes obliging when you need to get to some of the first structure utility devices, for instance, Windows Task Manager, Registry Editor (Regedit), MS-Command Prompt (cmd), System Configuration Utility (MS-Config) et cetera.

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By: SmadAV
License: Freeware
File Size: 1.3 MB